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27 Jan 2017

ADFS Authentication - Adding to Existing Site

The Visual Studio new project template is a handy wizard for setting up AD FS on a new site, but...

19 Jan 2017

ADFS Authentication Adding Custom Claims

While user authentication is a key component of AD FS, the returned user claims are powerful tools for client applications....

18 Jan 2017

ADFS Authentication Using Visual Studio Wizard

This post demonstrates how to set up a new ASP.NET MVC project using AD FS. Before you can do this,...

17 Jan 2017

Website Authentication using ADFS Overview

This is the first in a series of posts going over the use of Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS)....

16 Jan 2017

Understanding Relative Urls

Something you use all the time, but don’t always realize, is how a web browser will request resources in html...

07 Dec 2016

Default Startup Project in Visual Studio

Had an interesting error the other day. While reviewing an interns test project, I noticed that on a fresh clone...

17 Oct 2016

Converting JSON Types

In a post last year, I found a simple csv to JSON technique that worked well - but today I...

03 Jul 2016

Migrating to Jekyll Github Pages

As of yesterday my blog is being hosted by GitHub Pages, using the Jekyll static page engine. I’ve been using...

30 Dec 2015

Adding ASP.NET Identity to an Existing Website

Usually when working with ASP.Net Identity all the necessary components are added with the existing project scaffolding, but recently I needed to...

08 Oct 2015

Generating JSON from CSV Using Powershell

Here is a technique I picked up while researching ways to generate JSON output from a CSV file.  My main...