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29 Sep 2015

Books on Software Development

First things first.  If you want to read books on software development – buy a subscription to Safari Books Online.  For $10/month, you will have access to hundreds of books.  This is important because in my experience, most books on software are terrible.  Why spend $40+ on a book that has only a few useful chapters?  Safari lets you pick the best from several books on a topic.  

The following books however, are worth buying and reading in full.   Most technical books are about skimming for code examples – these books are worth reading for understanding.   I’m not claiming these are the best or must-have books in software development, but they will certainly be worth your while.  

The Pragmatic Programmer Code
SQL Server T-SQL Javascript: the Good parts
Making Things Happen Peopleware
CSS: The Missing Manual


These are mostly development related with a few business / career oriented blogs

Coding Horror Joel on Software
Scott Hanselman Brent Ozar
Scott Berkun The Old but New thing
Rick Strahl Rands in Repose
Penelope Trunk Seth Godin
Eric Sink Andy Hunt
David Walsh Secret Geek
Herding Cats Code Simplicity

Forums / Learning Team Treehouse
Code Academy Khan Academy
Daily Programmer Safari Books


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DotnetSlackers The Daily WTF

Sites I Enjoy

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