Looking at adding cookies to an Angular2 demo the other day, and found out the $cookie service is not implemented natively in Angular2. Doing some quick googling, found a decent implementation: https://github.com/salemdar/angular2-cookie .

To use, you simply need to import the CookieService inside of app.module, making it available to other components.

Interacting with the cookies is pretty simple:


    this._cookieService.put("cookieSimple", "A Simple Cookie");
    this._cookieService.putObject("cookieObject", {option1:true, option2:1, option3:"default"});
    this._cookieService.put("cookieWithOptions", "Expires in a long time", {expires:"Mon, 30 Jun 2290 00:00:00 GMT"});


    this.cookieSimpleValue = this._cookieService.get("cookieSimple");
    this.cookieObjectValue = this._cookieService.get("cookieObject"); // or getObject()
    this.cookieWithOptionsValue = this._cookieService.get("cookieWithOptions");

plunker demo: